1. This notice is a direction by the Queen’s Harbour Master Plymouth in exercise of powers conferred by the Dockyard Port of Plymouth Order 1999, issued jointly with the Cattewater Harbour Commisioners.

2.         The threat posed by the COVID-19 pandemic is a serious concern. Masters of vessels should follow national procedures on reporting where illness has been identified on board or where crew have been in contact with someone with COVID-19. For commercial vessels this will be the completion of a Maritime Declaration of Health (MDH) submitted to the Port Health Authority via the Ship’s Agent.  For military vessels reporting should be via the LOGREQ procedure.  Additionally, vessels are to report to Longroom VTS that the vessel does not have any reportable illnesses onboard and has free pratique, before the vessel enters the port and the pilot boards.

3.         QHM Plymouth and Cattewater Harbour Commissioners have taken steps to ensure both Admiralty and commercial Pilots and staff are healthy before boarding any vessel. There is also a need to ensure ships are safe enviornments for them.  To mitigate the threat of COVID-19 transmission, the following specific measures are to be taken prior to pilot embarkation:

  • Within the one hour prior to boarding, wipe down the whole bridge with a suitable disinfectant solution (including instruments, chairs, helm, handrails, consoles, telegraphs, windows, chart table etc). 
  • Do not shake hands. 
  • Any crew members entering the bridge, or who may come in contact with the Pilot, should sanitize their hands regularly by washing or using sanitizer gel. 
  • Only essential personnel should be allowed in the wheelhouse whilst the Pilot is embarked.

4.         The measures for countering the spread of COVID-19 are continuiously under revision by HM Government and vessels should wherever possible monitor national advice.  

Tuesday 17 Mar 2020

Queen’s Harbour Master Plymouth