LNTM No 024/21 
 PLYMOUTH LOCAL NOTICE TO MARINERS 24/21PLYMOUTH SOUND REMOTE & AUTONOMOUS VESSELS TRIALS – INFORMATION 1     This notice is for information from the Queen’s Harbour Master Plymouth pursuant to the Dockyard Port of Plymouth Order2020. 2     Unmanned surface and underwater remotely operated and autonomous vessel trials areregularlyconducted within the Dockyard Port of Plymouth (DPOP). The                    following acronyms are used as identifiers:          USV: Unmanned Surface Vessel         AUV: Autonomous Underwater Vehicle         UUV: Unmanned Underwater Vehicle         ROV: Remotely Operated Vehicle 3     Two designatedareas are routinely used for trials,Cawsand Bay and South of the Breakwater (see annex A).However,trials outside these areas may beconducted,                 subject toQHMapproval. 4       Within the DPOP Remote/Autonomousvessels conducting trialsare required to be escorted by a support vessel,at all times.  Trials vessels/platforms will normally be               towed to the designated trials areas.  A support vessel will remainin close proximityto thetrials vessel, where appropriate show signals as required by the International          Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea andwillmonitor VHF Channel14throughout.  The support vessel may approach other vessels to alert them to the                         presence of thetrials vessel/platform.  5     Marinersencountering a vessel conducting remote/autonomous trialsare requested to pass at a safe distance and to minimise wash.  6     A separate PLNTM may be issued for any trials outside the above areas or those of aparticular sensitive nature or requiring specific additional safety measures.    01 January2021