Frequently Asked Questions

The Cattewater Harbour is a Trust Port.

Trust ports are independent statutory bodies, each governed by its own, unique, statutes. There are no shareholders or owners. Any surplus is ploughed back into the port for the benefit of the stakeholders of the trust port.

There are over a hundred trust ports in the UK, of which only a small number could be classed as being of national significance. Most trust ports were set up, and remain, specifically to serve regional and local interests. They represent a broad cross section of undertakings.

Cattewater Harbour Commissioners, are empowered by an Act of Parliament, to charge ship, cargo and pilotage dues to defray their costs and maintain financial reserves to facilitate safe navigation for all manner of craft which might present themselves to the harbour - by surveying, dredging the channels, maintaining navigation marks, lights and traffic regulation within the Cattewater and providing a Pilotage service to the remainder of the civil port.  The authority to charge “ship, passenger and goods dues” as considered “fit” was also vested in the Board of the Cattewater Harbour Commissioners by the Harbours Act 1964 section 26(2).

Please contact  for details of current availability/wait List form.

When using your vessel please approach and leave the harbour with consideration for others.  Wash causes damage and creates nuisance.  

Speed should be a kept to a minimum until clear of any moorings.  Thereafter the speed limit is 8 knots until you reach Plymouth Sound, where the speed limit is 10 knots - except that craft under 15 metres in length and navigating more than 400 metres from the shore may exceed the 10 knot speed limit.

CCTV surveillance is in operation and offenders may be liable to prosecution if breaching regulations contained in the Dockyard Port Order, in particular, Schedule 2, Rule 11, 'Vessels to be navigated with care and caution'.

The designated Jet Ski/personal watercraft high speed areas are in the River Plym and Jennycliff Bay.

Jet Ski users have a duty to look out for others and to ensure they ride in a safe and responsible manner.

Please read this Code of Conduct


The following local public slipways can be found on this Plymouth City Council link

  • Mutton Cove

  • Richmond Walk

  • Mount Batten

  • Elphinstone

  • Oreston

  • Saltash

Download the ‘Pilotage Direction’ document for more infomation.

Pilotage Direction