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Cattewater Harbour Commissioners - New Pilot Vessel - Goodchild ORC 121
The Cattewater Harbour Commissioners are looking forward to taking delivery of a brand-new pilot vessel this summer. The Commissioners are delighted to confirm purchase of a new Goodchild ORC 121 pilot vessel built by British boatbuilder Goodchild Marine, which is due to be delivered in July 2020. The new vessel has a key focus on crew safety, while also boasting 40% full savings when compared with our current vessel. Whole body vibration is greatly reduced thanks to the resiliently mounted wheelhouse, improving not only safety but also crew comfort.  Cattewater Harbour Commissioners are
BBC Radio 4 - The Mayflower - 400 years
  BBC Radio 4 - Sunday, The Mayflower - 400 years
Port of Plymouth Air Quality Strategy
As a responsible major port, and in line with new Government guidance, we have produced the Port of Plymouth Air Quality Strategy.  This document outlines our aims and ambitions to help monitor and improve the air quality in the Port.   Further information here
Robin Love Receives New Year's Honour
We are delighted to announce that Robin Love, former Chairman of the Cattewater Harbour Commissioners, Plymouth, has been awarded the M.B.E. in the Queen’s New Year’s Honours List for services to the Maritime Sector and to the community in Plymouth.   Robin began his career at Cattedown Wharves Limited in 1957, becoming their Managing Director in 1973 when Cattedown Wharves was the largest operator in the port.  Retiring in 1998, he remained a consultant to Cattedown Wharves until 2010.  Robin joined the Board of the Cattewater Harbour Commissioners in 1973, until his retirement in October