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Trinity House Consultation - Permanent Removal of Skerries Bank Buoy
  Consultation for Permanent Removal of the Skerries Bank Buoy The following link details a consultation proposing the permanent removal of the Skerries Bank Buoy.  The consultation period ends on 16 April 2018.  Responses should be directed to Stephen Vanstone, Navigation Services Officer as per the link.
Fishing Vessel 'Algrie' Skipper Sentenced
The skipper of the fishing vessel ‘Algrie’ was today sentenced at Plymouth Crown Court to 4 months in prison, suspended for 2 years and fined £5,000 in costs following the grounding of his vessel on Mount Batten pier on 7th October.  The judge said the level of risk of harm was high and that a risk of death to the crew and/or public was real.  Alcohol was an aggravating factor in the judge reaching his decision. The Cattewater Harbour Commissioners are pleased the MCA Enforcement Unit prosecuted this case and would repeat that those in control of vessels navigating in the harbour have a
Tour Craft 'Plymouth Princess'
  ‘Plymouth Princess’ departing Plymouth for the last time (24th November 2017) – bound for work on the Firth of Forth with new owners Forth Boat Tours. 
LNTM NO 44/17 QHM LNTM Dredging at Cattewater
Queen's Harbour Master Plymouth LNTM NO 44/17   QHM LNTM Dredging at Cattewater   DREDGING AT CATTEWATER / PLYMOUTH YACHT HAVEN AND DISPOSAL AT SEA - INFORMATION  1. This notice is issued for information by the Queens Harbour Master, Plymouth, on behalf of the Cattewater Commissioners and Plymouth Yacht Haven Marina. 2. Dredging operations will take place at Plymouth Yacht Haven, commencing on 1st December 2017 to 31st March 2018 3. The works will comprise dredging and surveying:Three vessels will undertake the dredging operations, suction dredger “Doreen Dorwood”, two self-propelled hopper