27th March 2020 – Advice to Leisure Users

Although the port remains open, this is to ensure essential cargoes, such as fuel, can still be transported into the south west. As far as recreational use of vessels is concerned, it is not considered to be essential and those who break the new laws could be fined for doing so. If you believe that the activity you want to conduct on the river is within the 30 minutes of keeping healthy (rowing, paddle-boarding etc) then the guidance we have received is that this should be done from home, avoiding contact with others (unless they are in your family/isolation group). The inference being that the exercise period (not power boating or sailing) should be short and not involve driving to another location.

The MOD police will be challenging water users, checking that voyages are essential and enforcing accordingly.

18th March 2020- General Statement

There are ongoing concerns regarding COVID-19 and the impact this may have on the Port of Plymouth. Cattewater Harbour Commissioners are taking all the relevant steps to ensure the wellbeing of customers and employees, and the continuation of the safe running of the port.

Our primary focus will remain the safety and wellbeing of personnel, followed by maintaining the safe operation of the port. We are in regular contact with the health authorities, statutory bodies and other key organisations to ensure we are following the most up to date guidance and our services are most effective.

Cattewater Harbour Commissioners have taken the following steps in response to the COVID-19 outbreak:

  • Personnel providing critical roles (e.g. Pilots, tug and pilot boat coxswains) are being separated to ensure services can continue.
  • Staff are being encouraged to work remotely if possible and practical. If not, social distancing measures are being implemented in all our departments.
  • We are monitoring and distributing the latest public health guidance.We would like to reassure customers that the port remains fully operational and the measures are in place to ensure this continues. The national situation is regularly reviewed and our guidance to staff and port users is updated to reflect this.If you need to contact the harbour office, please do so via phone or email. We ask that customers do not visit the harbour office at this time.