The Oreston Trot moorings are administered by the Cattewater Harbour Commissioners on a 12 month basis. 

The 2019/20 mooring season was reduced to 8 months due to essential maintenance works to replace the ground chain.  Works being carried out between 1st Nov – 28 Feb 2020
The 2020/2021 season will run from 1st April  as per previous years.


Plym trot - under 1m draught up to 27' LOA - suitable for small motor vessels/bilge keel vessels
Oreston Inner trot - deep water trot for craft up to 29' max. LOA. Suitable for fin keel vessels
Oreston Outer trot - deep water trot for craft up to 31' max. LOA. Suitable for fin keel vessels
Cocklebank trot - up to 1m draught, 36' max.  LOA - suited for larger bilge keel vessels


a. Plym Trot (max 1m draught trot mooring)                                  
    Under 9.00m (below 30’)

b. Oreston Inner (deep water trot mooring)                                    
    Under 9.0m (below 30’)

c.  Oreston Outer (deep water trot mooring)
     Majority for vessels under 9.75m (below 32’)                             
     5 x larger moorings : 9.75m-11m (below 36’)                             

 d. Cocklebank Trot (max 1m draught trot mooring)
     Under 11m (Below 36’)