Visitor's Moorings



 The rates below are inclusive of VAT.  Valid from 1st April 2018 - 31st March 2019 

g.   Oreston Outer/Oreston Inner                                     
      Daily rate (1st four days then weekly)                            £10.20
       Weekly rate                                                                    £40.80

 h.  Mount Batten Visitor’s Mooring                                  £15.70
      Daily rate (1st four days then weekly) Weekly rate          £62.35

i.   Mount Batten ‘T’ Moorings (T1, T2, T3)                   

     Daily rate (1st four days thereafter weekly)                       £28.25             
     Weekly rate                                                                      £112.95

 N.B. Vessels over 15 tonnes are exempt from VAT, provided they are not designed
or adapted for use for recreation or pleasure.