Cattewater Harbour Commissioners welcome Till The Coast Is Clear to the Cattewater

8 Dec 2020

It was a pleasure to welcome Gary Joliffe from Till The Coast Is Clear to the Cattewater this morning (Tuesday 8th December) as Gary spends a few days here voluntarily beach and inlet cleaning. Gary’s work boat, Call Sign – Coast Clear One, made from recycled materials, was launched from Yacht Haven Quay.

Gary afloat in specially designed Call Sign – Coast Clear One is able to reach more inaccessible places and clear floating marine debris from coves and inlets around the UK.

As a member of Plastic Free Plymouth and one of the first signatories of UK Shipping’s first Single-Use Plastic Charter, which was launched last week, we welcome Gary joining in our own efforts and those of other stakeholders in the Cattewater to reduce plastic pollution.

We encourage all water users and our community to be responsible about the local environment and support us in our endeavours to collect safely any floating marine debris they encounter when out on the water or walking the shoreline and dispose of or recycle correctly.

For more information about Till The Coast Is Clear please visit and to find out more about the UK Shipping Single Use Plastic Charter please download the file.