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If you require a long-term mooring solution in Plymouth, please contact us to discuss your options. The mooring season runs from 1st April every year.


Visitor moorings are available to book online.

Annual Moorings are available as follows:

  • Plym Trot – <1m draft, 27’LOA
  • Oreston Inner – <30’LOA
  • Oreston Outer – <32’LOA, plus 7 larger moorings up to 36’LOA
  • Cocklebank – <36’ LOA

Visitor moorings are suitable for vessels up to 10 tonnes. For larger vessels, please contact the office to discuss mooring options.

Please contact the Catterwater Harbour commissioners office on +44(0)1752 665934 if you would like to report a fault or problem with your mooring. Alternatively, you can email info@plymouthport.org.uk.

The Harbour office is open from 09:00 – 17:00 Monday – Friday. We are closed on Saturday’s and Sunday’s however the phone will divert to a duty mobile for urgent enquiries.

Longroom Port Control can be contacted on VHF Channel 14.

The harbour is managed by our team here at Cattewater Harbour Commissioners. You can find further information on what we do, here.

All vessels using the harbour are liable to pay an annual harbour due of £70 inc VAT.

Commercial customers should contact us to discuss your options.

You can pay your harbour dues online, by clicking here. If you would prefer not to pay online, please call us on +44(0)1752 665934.

To report an incident, please fill in the online incident report form.

Alternatively, during working hours you can phone +44(0)1752 665934 or email info@plymouthport.org.uk.

Outside working hours, please phone Longroom Port Control on +44(0)1752 836935.

For further information on our visitor moorings, and to book using our online payment system, please click here. (To ensure availability please book prior to your passage to Plymouth).

Yes, although the harbour authorities in Plymouth ask users to register their personal watercraft with the Port of Plymouth Personal Watercraft Registration Scheme. You can find the online form here.

As described in the Dockyard Port of Plymouth Order 2020, the following speed limits are in force:

  • North of Plymouth Breakwater – 10kts (vessels <15m can exceed this when >400m from shore)
  • Cattewater – 8kts, No Wash.
  • Sutton Channel – 4kts

Speed limits within the Cattewater are proactively enforced by the Harbour Authority, in accordance with our enforcement policy.

Leisure diving is not permitted in the Cattewater.

Commercial diving is permitted however before any diving activity takes place, written permission must be obtained from the Harbour Master beforehand. To find out more, and view our diving permit form, please click here.

Swimming in the harbour is dangerous and is prohibited, unless you receive written approval in advance from the harbour master.

Take a look at our harbour guide, for things to do in and around the harbour.

You can phone us on +44(0)1752 665934. The Harbour office is open from 09:00 – 17:00 Monday – Friday. We are closed on Saturday’s and Sunday’s, although the landline will divert to duty staff. You can also email us at info@plymouthport.org.uk.

If you are afloat and in need of assistance, contact the coastguard VHF 16 or by dialling 999.

Boats: Oreston Slip, Moutbatten Slip.

Canoes and Paddleboards: Oreston slip, Mountbatten slip, Hooe Lake, Elphinstone Slip and Commercial Quay

Please ensure you only launch and recover at pubic locations, unless you have the land owners permission.

If you would prefer not to use our online payment system, please phone +44(0)1752 665934 to book and pay for your mooring.