Nav Info

Port users must follow the correct procedures and regulations when afloat, to ensure all users are kept safe and can enjoy their time on the water, be it for leisure, commercial activity or trade. If you are in doubt please do not hesitate to contact the harbour office to seek advice.

Port Control

Plymouth has a Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) based at Longroom Port Control. Vessels >20m LOA must contact Longroom at the required reporting points as shown on current Plymouth Admiralty Charts and should not enter the port without first communicating with Longroom on VHF Channel 14. All vessels operating in the port should maintain a listening watch on VHF channel 14.

For movements taking place in the Hamoaze and HM Naval Base, port control is based at Flagstaff (VHF 14, call sign Flag).

The Port is extensively buoyed showing the deep water shipping channel. All mariners should be aware that the area north of Plymouth Breakwater has been designated a Narrow Channel and as such Rule 9 of the IRPCS applies throughout this area.

Vessel Movements

MOD shipping movements can be seen here. Please note that this list only shows moves conducted by the admiralty pilots, and do no show any commercial movements in the Cattewater. Vessel movements are always subject to change at short notice. To obtain the latest commercial vessel movement schedule please contact Plymouth Pilots on +44(0)1752 662708, for an update on other port movements contact Longroom port control.

The Cattewater Harbour Commissioners take no responsibility for the accuracy of information on externals sites.

Local Notices to Mariners



Local Notice to Mariners and Navigation Warnings are published by the Queens Harbour Master Plymouth, on behalf of all the Plymouth statutory harbour authorities.