Pilot Exemption Certificates

Masters of vessels calling regularly at the Port of Plymouth may qualify to apply for a Pilotage Exemption Certificate. Applications must be bona fide deck officers in regular command of vessels.

PEC certificates are issued for the following areas:

  1. Sea to Millbay Docks
  2. Sea to Cattewater and/or Sutton Harbour Berths
  3. Sea to Hamoaze Commercial Berths
  4. Sea to upper reaches – harbour tour craft only.

Applicants must complete a number of trips prior to applying for a PEC examination. If granted, Applicants must then complete a minimum of 8 passages annually to maintain validity of their PEC. Full details can be found on the attached rules document.

PEC Application/Renewal Regulations 2023/24

PEC Application/Renewal Form 2023/24