Our Environment

The Cattewater Harbour Commissioners are committed to the Tamar Estuaries Consultative Forum, improving air quality and containing oil spills.


The Tamar Estuaries Consultative Forum

Air Quality

Port of Plymouth air quality strategy

Oil Spill

Cattewater Harbour Oil Spill Contingency Plan

Did you know that shipping is one of the greenest modes of transporting freight?

Shipping is often seen as a large cause of pollution, but in reality it is one of the greenest methods of freight transport – thanks to strict rules on the fuel sulphur content and the use of technology such as scrubbers, which wash the emissions from the machinery.


We acknowledge that, as a busy commercial port, our daily operations can produce harmful emissions. However, we already have strategies in place to mitigate the impacts of our operations, and will continue to develop these strategies in the future to ensure they are as effective as possible.

To view our current strategies and to find out more about our future plans to safeguard the environment, please view our Air Quality Strategy above.