Cattewater Harbour Commissioners welcomes new team member 

8 Feb 2022

We are delighted to welcome Emma Maunder to the team – Emma is currently undertaking a Level 3 Work Boat Apprenticeship through local maritime training provider, SeaRegs Training, based at Turnchapel Wharf.

Emma said: “I have grown up around water and boats, so I know how many exciting opportunities there are for working in and around the port. My plan is to complete my Apprenticeship, get all my tickets and gain experience. Then I would like to be a pilot boat coxswain.”

This week is National Apprenticeships Week, the 15th annual week-long celebration of apprenticeships. The Commissioners work with local training providers, MLA College and the university to support apprentices and students to gain experience and knowledge within the maritime industry and encourage the next generation of seafarers to consider a hugely fulfilling career at sea.

As well as Emma and Katie, who will finish her Apprenticeship with us later this year, there are a further ten apprentices working within the Cattewater with commercial docks operators, marinas and training centres.

CEO and Harbour Master of Cattewater Harbour Commissioners, Captain Richard Allan says: “It is a pleasure to have Emma as part of the team and we’re delighted to be able to support her with her Apprenticeship. The work here at the Commissioners is extremely busy and varied – with no two days ever being the same – and will provide Emma with a real insight and on-the-job training for her future career.”

Emma adds: “If someone was considering an Apprenticeship in anything I’d say go for it! You get to learn on the job and get hands-on experience whilst earning! I’d also like to add how lovely and welcoming all the staff have been!”