Fines issued to PWC users

8 Nov 2022

Plymouth Magistrates Court have this week found two water users guilty of travelling at speeds over three times the prescribed limit within the Cattewater, Port of Plymouth.

The defendants were found guilty of navigating without care, caution and reasonable consideration to others, and exceeding the Port speed limits whilst onboard their Personal Water Craft (PWC).

The total penalty imposed by the court was £2,950 for each individual.

A spokesperson for Cattewater Harbour, the commercial port of Plymouth said: “Speed limits are in place as a result of a continual risk assessment process. They are a key control measure in helping to make the water safer for our stakeholders, which includes leisure users, clubs, schools, commercial and leisure vessels, as well as the marine life that share our waters.  When travelling at over three times the speed limit the additional risk is huge to both the user of the Personal Water Craft, and others.”

The Port of Plymouth does operate a Personal Water Craft Registration scheme. To find out more please visit

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