Harbour Dues 2023/24

17 Apr 2023

Harbour Dues stickers have been sent to all vessel owners in or using the Cattewater; marina receptions are in receipt of all the plaques for the 23/24 season ready to be handed out.

Please display your Harbour Dues sticker clearly on your vessel so it can be easily identified by harbour staff who will be checking regularly through the year.

Harbour Dues enable us to supply the essential services required to keep our busy port running efficiently and safely including staffing costs, enforcement, harbour patrol, removal of hazards to navigation, maintenance of charted channel depths and Aids to Navigation, as well continuous training and development of staff.

Leisure Harbour Dues for the Cattewater Harbour run from 1st April to 31st March annually and for the year 2023/24 are £78 inc. VAT per leisure vessel. Harbour Dues are required to be paid by all vessels entering, using or leaving the Cattewater. Harbour Dues can be paid online as well as over the phone.

Visitor Mooring prices include Harbour Dues for the duration of your stay with us. For our annual mooring customers, you will see Harbour Dues itemised on your annual invoice so are not required to make an additional payment.

You can now pay for your 2023/24 leisure Harbour Dues online here.

Commercial vessels are also required to pay Harbour Dues – please contact us to discuss.