Stand Up Paddleboarding Code of Conduct

4 Sep 2020

Over recent months the harbour authority has seen SUP usage reach an all-time high, giving more people access to our fantastic waterways. Safe water use in Plymouth is something we wholeheartedly support, including the use of paddleboards and other leisure activities.

However, with the increased use of SUPS, we have also seen an increased number of incidents and near miss reports involving paddleboards. Often the root cause of these incidents is a lack of water awareness and inexperience.

The harbour authority has produced a code of conduct for paddle board use within Cattewater Harbour. We urge all users to follow the code to keep yourselves and other water users safe when afloat. The Code of Conduct can be downloaded below, or in the downloads section of the website.

We recommend all paddleboarders take a lesson at one of the cities registered SUP schools before taking to the water. If you are unsure whether the tidal or weather conditions are appropriate, don’t go out and seek professional advice.

Thank you for using the waters of Plymouth safely.

The SUP Code of Conduct can be downloaded at

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