Statement – MV Cyan Orca

18 Jun 2024

Statement: Noise at Cattedown Wharf – MV Cyan Orca

We were made aware of excessive noise that was emanating from the Cattedown Wharf area through the early hours of Monday morning. Inspections by our team identified that the source of the noise was the MV Cyan Orca, which was discharging cargo at the time.

We have engaged extensively with the ship’s agents, wharf operators and their customers all of which have acknowledged and accepted that the noise level was unacceptable and should be avoided in the future. The agreed outcome is that they have confirmed that the ship will not visit Plymouth again which will prevent a reoccurrence. We are grateful for their engagement and commitment.

This is the first time that this ship has been to Plymouth, so the problem could not have been reasonably foreseen. Although Cattewater Harbour Commissioners as the Harbour Authority are not responsible for deciding which vessels are allocated to discharge cargoes in Plymouth, we do however, appreciate the importance of investigating and trying to resolve complaints we receive.  

As local residents acknowledge, the Cattewater is a busy commercial port which handles in excess of 2 million tonnes of cargo annually and it is vital that operations are carried out 24/7 to maintain the supply chain of many commodities to the South West. As a result of these port operations, a certain amount of noise is inevitable, but we appreciate that on this occasion noise levels have been unacceptable.

The port receives hundreds of visiting ships annually and this is only the second time this year we have had a vessel that has been unacceptably noisy. We will, in conjunction with port operators do everything possible to maintain or improve this extremely low ratio moving forward.

MV Cyan Orca has now departed from the Cattewater.

Cattewater Harbour Commissioners – Tuesday 18th June 2024