Use of drones around the Cattewater and Plymouth Sound

8 Feb 2022

Cattewater Harbour Commissioners exist by Act of Parliament as the navigation and conservancy authority for the Cattewater Harbour, as well as civil pilotage authority for the Port of Plymouth. Marine traffic into and out of the Cattewater and Plymouth Sound is busy and varied, and we know many people are interested in vessel movements or activity on the water.

With the increased popularity in drones in recent years we would like to remind users, both hobby users and professional drone operators, of the requirements for operating a drone around the Cattewater and Plymouth Sound:

  • The drone operator should hold the appropriate Civil Aviation Authority licences and insurance
  • The drone does not directly overfly vessels which are underway and remains at least 150m clear of warships, ferries and all commercial vessels.
  • The drone is operated in strict compliance with CAA rules.
  • Approval from Longroom Port Control Station (01752 836953/VHF Ch 14) is obtained before filming and launching the drone.
  • Longroom Port Control Station is informed once operations are complete.

If you are ever in doubt of the permissions required before launching a drone please contact either the Longroom Port Control Station or for activity in the Cattewater, the Harbour Office on 01752 665934. Both the Harbour Master and Queen’s Harbour Master keep records of request logs.

On occasion we commission professional drone operators to capture visiting vessels on our behalf.

Featured image: stock image