Plymouth Harbour Authorities launch the Port of Plymouth personal watercraft registration scheme

30 Apr 2021

The Harbour Authorities Liaison Committee are encouraging all responsible craft users to familiarise themselves with the Personal Watercraft Code of Conduct before completing the quick and easy registration here.

Plymouth Sound and the Tamar Estuaries provide the perfect base for exploring our local coastline, waterways and estuaries. Personal Watercraft users, in common with all water users, have a duty to look out for others, and to ensure they ride in a safe and responsible manner.

On completion of the Registration form, registrants will be sent a registration plaque to display on their craft to enable inspection by harbour authority staff and other enforcement authorities.

CEO and Harbour Master for Cattewater Harbour Commissioners, Captain Richard Allan says:

“On behalf of the Harbour Authorities Liaison Committee we’re pleased to be able to launch this Personal Watercraft Registration Scheme and would encourage all jet ski owners to read the declaration and sign up to the scheme. We do recognise that the majority of PWC users are responsible and respectful of the Dockyard Port of Plymouth Order, Port speed limits and other water users and welcome the support of the local jet ski users community in signing up to this Registration Scheme.”

Last year Plymouth Magistrates Court handed down a significant penalty to a local man who breached the local speed limits on his personal watercraft. The penalty, totalling £1,934, was one of the biggest to be handed to an offender in Plymouth based on similar speeding offences within the Port of Plymouth.

To find out more about the Port of Plymouth Personal Watercraft Registration and to sign the Declaration please click here.